31 03, 2021

How To Get Your Classic Car Ready For Spring

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Now that the sun is shining and lockdowns are beginning to ease, classic car owners are looking forward to attending real-world car meets and classic car shows, as well as driving their beloved. In this post, we take a look at how to get your classic car ready for spring after being stored for winter. Check the Fluids This includes oil and brake fluid. It's best to do this before you start driving your car around again so that it doesn't overheat or run out of brakes while you're driving! If there is any rust in these areas, then use

5 09, 2020

How To Store Your Classic Car Over Winter

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It's fair to say, that for many classic car owners, 2020 has been a disappointing year, the global pandemic put an end to the height of the car show season as social distancing  measures meant the community of enthusiasts never got to hot the road and show their cars, look at others motors or simply mingle with like-minded people. Summer is the season for classics, bringing the optimum weather conditions for these vintage beauties to shine. Summer road trips and the usual gatherings and meet-ups see these beauties getting far more use over the summer months, which means for them