OK, so the time has finally come. That beautiful old vehicle that you’ve repaired, renovated, oiled and polished for so many years has now got to go. Perhaps you have a new project you’re moving on to? Perhaps you simply need to release funds. There can be numerous reasons why enthusiasts sell their classic cars or campervans but the same, age-old problem exist? Where can I sell it without being ripped off or incurring enormous fees?

Some people will recommend eBay, and you do hear some success stories – although negative tales are far more commonplace, and exposure to a substantial, knowledgeable marketplace is reduced. A brief search on Google will reveal a huge number of companies (reputable or otherwise) who are more than happy for you to go with them. It’s a busy marketplace without doubt.

Why then, should you choose Classic Cars and Campers?

Here are 5 reasons that differentiate Classic Cars and Campers from the competition, and why, we think, you should sell your vintage vehicle through us:

  • Listing is FREE. There is zero cost in listing your car or campervan on our website! Simply follow this link, register and add your details. We promise that all standard adverts will remain 100% FREE to all advertisers regardless of whether placing a Trade ad or a Private ad.
  • Discreet Seller Option. This allows any seller the option to keep the sale of their vehicle totally discreet and away from the public eye. Your car will be offered for sale to our small group of trusted dealers without your contact details being visible. Only after a dealer has at least matched your asking price, or offered a price that is acceptable to you, will your contact details be passed to the dealer to conclude the sale.
  • Marketing/exposure. You classic car or camper will be listed on our website and featured on YouTube and our other social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which gives you considerable exposure to car enthusiasts both locally and nationally.
  • Trade-To-Trade Sales. A unique free service which allows the buyer the opportunity to purchase a vehicle at a price normally considered lower than the current retail price. These transactions are referred to as trade-to-trade vehicle sales, and as such these vehicles are sold with no warranties whatsoever, hence, they are nearly always concluded with one dealer purchasing from another. A great way for someone to get a real bargain if they are in the business of making a profit from Classic Cars and Campers.
  • PLUS….we’re extremely nice people. At Classic Cars and Campers customer service comes first. We pride ourselves on be extremely approachable and will always go that extra mile for buyers and sellers alike!

Selling your classic vehicle can be a minefield. Being classic car enthusiasts ourselves, one of the purposes of setting up out company was to make the entire process simpler and more lucrative for sellers. We think we’ve achieved that.