Ben Croot, a teenager from Compton in Wolverhampton was inspired by his love of Lego and classic cars, to build a British motoring classic – the Bentley “Blower” – entirely out of Lego and Technic. The Bentley “Blower” is a British classic which was used to compete in motor racing events between 1927 and 1931. Keep reading to find out more about Ben’s creation…

It took Ben eight months to design and build his Bentley Blower replica using a mixture of Lego and Lego Technic pieces, the model is 40cm long and 15cm wide, and has a working steering function which works in the same as the steering mechanism does on a real car. Ben said that he has been interested in Lego from an early age, and is obviously a fan of classic cars too.

Ben said:

“I was always building robots and spaceships and things like that when I was younger and that’s where my interest around building things came from. I’m going on to study architecture and I’m really interested in the building of cars.”

Ben said that he chose the Bentley Blower because it’s a British car, and it’s a classic. He said that he wanted to build the Lego replica to make it look as realistic as possible in comparison to the real car, and we think he has done a fantastic job!

Ben also said:

“I’m really interested in automotive design and how the other functions can be realistically portrayed in this model.

After going through a number of different stages, rebuilding the chassis and the small designs on the engine, I’ve got it to how I wanted it to look, then spray painted it.”

Lots of people have admired Ben’s creation, and as a result, Ben has submitted his model as a product idea to Lego Ideas – anybody can submit an idea to Lego, and any submissions which receive more than 10,000 votes will be considered as a Lego product, Ben is almost at 5,000 votes. If you would like to vote for Ben’s model to become a Lego product, you can do so by following the link below:

Vote for Ben’s Bentley Blower at