If you’re on our website, then you’re probably somewhat of a classic car enthusiast, and as most of us know, there’s nothing better than a lovely long drive out in our precious classic vehicles, driving down country lanes on a warm summer day.

However, there are a number of things you can do to make the most of your excursions; from plotting a destinations, forecasting the weather, and planning things to do along the way. Here’s a few of our tips for making your classic car driving trips more enjoyable and avoiding any disappointments.

The Weather

The weather plays a very important part when it comes to a nice day trip in your classic car… you don’t want it too hot (not all of our classic cars have air conditioning, or remain very comfortable with the windows open), but one thing is for sure, we don’t want rain! So make sure you check the weather to avoid having your day ruined by the temperature or weather conditions.

Your Destination

The journey is probably the most important part of your trip, it’s the roads you will be driving while on route to your destination. You probably don’t want to be sitting on the motorway in traffic in your classic car, you want to be cruising around the country lanes and enjoying the fresh open spaces. Whether you’re going for a summer’s day picnic, or catching up with an old friend (and showing off your classic car, of course), make sure you plan your journey on the roads which are most desirable to you, and not just a straight motorway run!

Your Company

Make sure you have the right company; for some classic car owners, this will be just them and their cars, but for others, they want to be with someone who can appreciate the joys of a classic car, and a pleasant countryside trip along country roads.

The Route

As we touched on earlier, the journey or route is the most important part of your trip. Probably more important than all of the above combined. Make sure you pick a route which offers incredible views, relaxing speeds, minimum traffic, and as few potholes as possible! It can be tough to find a route like that, but it’s worth it if you can.

On the other hand, sometimes the complete opposite can make for a perfect journey. Just jumping in your classic car when the weather is right and hitting the open road, driving until you find that ideal destination to take a break, and then enjoy your cruise back home.