The Citroen Type H Van was introduced in 1947 and was the first front-wheel drive van in mass circulation. This van spanned a production cycle of over three decades without any significant changes. Today the vans continue to be popular, their simplistic and typically Citroen-Esque quirky designs have made them popular with small businesses, and they live on as catering vans, mobile coffee, shops, delivery vans etc.

Retro has had a resurgence, many manufacturers are revisiting designs of days gone by for inspiration for their upcoming electric models, but Designers David Obendorfer and Fabrizio Caselani have taken things a step further. Back in 2017, to mark the H van’s 70th anniversary, they launched a kit to retrofit the Citroën Relay, Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato models from 2006 onward.

Now, officially licensed by Citroen, you can order a panel van, catering van, or tow truck for your classic or camper van preinstalled with the Type H kit through Carrosserie Caselani or at selected dealers.

Citroen Type H Tow Truck

The camper series is available in a few formats, including an over-cab motorhome built in collaboration with popular coachbuilders such as Pössl, Adria, Pla, Rapidò, and Laika. There’s even a Wildcamp version which has an off-road look and is equipped with roof rails by Fiamma, a roof basket by Thule, a set of deep-beam roof lights, an outdoor ladder by Fiamma, a set of 2 aluminium suitcases, and the iconic orange-coloured Wildcamp gasoline tank. The vehicle is available with Dangel all-wheel drive system as well.

Obendorfer said: “With the design, we did not intend to copy the forms of the original model, but rather we aimed to capture the soul of the iconic vehicle, reinterpreting it through a nostalgic fibreglass ‘suit’ which at the same time is deeply rooted in contemporary style.

“The Type H 70th Anniversary Van is a fusion of direct references to the predecessor with modern solutions, combined with the reliability and the technological content of the current Citroën Relay series.”

Available in the standard Citroen Jumper colours, there is also a palette of classic Citroen colours to choose from for this van, including vivid shades Jaune Mimosa (yellow) and Orange Tènèrè, but it doesn’t end there. You can even select a custom colour for your van. They say

Our artificial method allows us to make any kind of customisation, with custom colours, company logos or special graphics. All the RAL and PANTONE colour systems are at your disposal.

So, if you are looking for a van that will turn heads or make your business stand out from the crowd, then the Citroen HY Van is worth considering. With its unique design and wide range of colours and customisation options available, there is sure to be a van that is perfect for your business. Download the brochure here.