It’s hard to live without technology these days. Even when you’re living the simple life in your campervan, you can enhance your quality of life by investing in a few tech essentials. In this post, we consider seven tech essentials to include in your campervan this year.


1. Lights

Lights are essential to enjoy evening activities such as reading or cooking when you’re out in the wilderness. When selecting the best lights for your van, consider what you want to use them for and where to place them. For example, you may want softer lighting in your sleeping area and brighter lighting in your kitchen area.

There are different types of lights on the market, so do some research to find the best ones for your campervan – do you want strip lights, downlights or reading lights? When choosing the right lights, consider your power supply and keep energy efficiency in mind.

2. USB sockets

Installing USB sockets in your campervan is essential if you want to enjoy all the benefits of modern technology. Virtually all your devices can charge and connect through USB sockets.

When considering how many USB sockets you need and where to place them, think about what you want to use them for. For example, if you’re going to charge your mobile phone or other devices, such as a smartwatch, overnight, installing a USB socket in your bedroom area is sensible.

Just like in the home, it’s always helpful to have charging points in different areas, so consider installing several USB sockets in your campervan in different places for convenience and increased accessibility.


3. Fridge 

If you’re planning on going on long trips in your campervan, a fridge is an absolute essential. It allows you to enjoy chilled drinks and gives you more options for food while on the road. Having a fridge also helps to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

There are different types of fridges available; consider your available space, budget and power supply before buying. The other options include absorption fridges, thermoelectric coolers, compressor fridges and simple coolboxes.


4. Extractor fan

There are several benefits to installing an extractor fan in your campervan. It will help to reduce internal moisture and condensation, reduce unwanted smells and pollutants and assist in regulating the internal climate so you can enjoy optimal comfort while living in your van.

Installing an extractor fan is one the best and simplest ways to improve ventilation in your campervan and is a must-have if you want to enjoy long trips.


5. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels on your campervan will provide you with efficient, renewable and free energy. You can use this energy source to power everything in your van.

Before investing in solar panels for your campervan, consider how much power you will require. These calculations are essential to avoid overspending or underestimating your energy needs. Online solar panel calculators are a good tool for helping you estimate your requirements accurately.

Do some research to learn about the different types of panels available and how to calculate how many watts you need. This is a worthwhile investment of time and money to enjoy the benefits of free energy for years to come. You’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

In addition to solar panels, you will also require a solar charge controller to regulate the voltage output of solar panels.


6. Leisure Battery

If you have invested in solar panels, you will have the means to store your power. A leisure battery converts energy from your solar panels into usable power. Leisure batteries provide a steady release of power over time, which proves extremely useful when the sun is nowhere to be seen.

There are different types of batteries on the market, including AGM, lithium, del and lead acid; you will need to consider which type you want as well as the size and the voltage you want your system to run on. Do research before buying to ensure you have the right solution.


7. Split Charge Relay 

A split charge relay will provide a backup when your solar panels cannot get enough energy from the sun. It will create a closed circuit between your leisure and engine batteries, allowing the engine battery to power the leisure battery but only when optimum energy is available. In other words, a split charge relay ensures that you won’t drain your vehicle battery.

Some people decide not to invest in solar panels but, instead, use a split charge relay and leisure battery and then depend on their vehicle battery to power the leisure battery.


Investing in these seven tech essentials this year will help enhance your quality of life while living the dream on the open road in your campervan. Be sure to do some research before buying to find the best solutions for you and your campervan.