29 02, 2024

How Many Classic Cars Can You FOI Spy?

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Guess what? We've finally got the scoop on how many old-school cars are still hanging around with us today! So, here's the deal: Of the 41.2 million cars reported to be on UK roads at the end of June 2023, there are about 340,000 vehicles (338,697 to be exact!) that are more than 40 years old and still have owners, just like you and me! This info comes straight from the folks who keep track of this stuff - the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. But here's a little twist: not all of these vintage beauties are cruising the streets.

13 11, 2022

Classic Car Industry Could be Wounded by New National Scrappage Scheme Under a Labour Government

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Recent comments made by the shadow transport secretary, Louise Haigh MP, are concerning for classic car enthusiasts. When questioned about the possibility of a nationwide scrappage scheme being reintroduced under a labour government, Ms Haigh said such a scheme is something her party are ‘looking really carefully at’. The comments, which were made at a recent Labour Party Conference, follow a tweet by the shadow transport secretary back in March, which stated: ‘We’ll help families with grants and interest-free loans to make the switch to affordable clean vehicles, and trial a national scrappage scheme’. These comments come as a concern

9 09, 2022

Citroen Type H Van Rebooted

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The Citroen Type H Van was introduced in 1947 and was the first front-wheel drive van in mass circulation. This van spanned a production cycle of over three decades without any significant changes. Today the vans continue to be popular, their simplistic and typically Citroen-Esque quirky designs have made them popular with small businesses, and they live on as catering vans, mobile coffee, shops, delivery vans etc. Retro has had a resurgence, many manufacturers are revisiting designs of days gone by for inspiration for their upcoming electric models, but Designers David Obendorfer and Fabrizio Caselani have taken things a step

29 08, 2022

Risk of Classic Car Theft Rises in Summer

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Summer is the season that all classic car enthusiasts look forward to. It brings the perfect conditions for driving our cherished vehicles and working on restoration projects. However, sadly it also provides greater opportunities for thieves. The risk Opportunistic thieves have always targeted classic cars. But the risk of classic car theft is on the rise now as organised criminals are recognising the potential of classic cars as a financial investment. Not only are classic cars extremely desirable to thieves due to their potential value, but the issue is also compounded by the fact that these vehicles are generally much

26 06, 2022

Electric Cars to Compete in Classic Car Rally for the First Time

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For the first time ever, electric cars will be allowed to compete in a classic car rally. This is a major step forward for the electric vehicle industry, as it opens up new opportunities for these cars to participate in events that have traditionally been dominated by combustion engines. Electric conversions are becoming more and more popular, as people are realising the benefits of switching to electric power. In this article, we will discuss the implications of this decision and explore how electric cars will fare in a competitive rally environment. The rally which has opted to allow EVs to

18 06, 2022

Research Shows Classic Cars Do Less Damage to the Environment

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It's often said that classic cars are detrimental to the environment, but a recent study has shown that this might not be the case after all. Footman James, a leading classic car insurance company, recently conducted a study to see how emissions from classic cars compared to those of modern combustion engines and electric vehicles. The results were surprising! The study found that the average classic car emits just 563kg of CO₂ per year, while the average new car has a whopping 6.8-tonne CO2 emission before even leaving the factory. Of course, classic cars are generally driven less than their modern-day

16 05, 2021

Expansion of London’s ULEZ Will Hit Classic Car Community Hard

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From the 25th of October 2021, London's ULEZ will expand to cover most of the capital. Any cars, not ULEZ, will have to pay £12.50 per day to drive their cars within the newly defined ULEZ ones after this date. This could see owners of cars registered from 1982 could have to cough up £650 a year to drive their car just once a week. The extension will now cover the area within the A406 North Circular and A205 South Circular roads. This is a massive blow for owners of many vehicles in London, but classic car owners will feel

15 03, 2021

Classic Cars Could Fail MOT’s on Bulb Conversions

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An update to the MOT inspection could find classic and modern classic car owners failing their MOT over their headlights. Of course, vehicles over 40 years old are exempt from having to take the MOT, but if they opt to have their car checked, they could find themselves failing too. What are the New MOT Rules? According to the MOT inspection manual, existing Halogen headlamp units should not be converted to HID or LED lights. LED lights cannot be fitted anywhere else on your classic car either unless they meet ECE standard 128 and ECE standard 148 Very few bulbs

23 11, 2020

Classic Cars Could be a Better Investment Than Gold

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*Image by Nakhon100 Many people have opted to look at alternative forms of investment with uncertainties around pensions over the last few years. The annual Frank Knight wealth report lists the 'objects of desire' and demonstrates specific sectors' growth.   Classic cars are included in this report demonstrating their investment potential. The highlight in the 2020 report was a 1994 McLaren F1 LM spec supercar. Which set a record for the model when it was auctioned by RM Sotheby's at the Monterey sales in August 2019 for US$19.8 million.   Analysis by Vanarama and Hagerty Insurance has found that classic

18 11, 2020

Are These 7 Classic Cars Facing Extinction?

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It comes as no surprise that many once familiar sights on British roads are facing extinction. Changes in emissions regulations, scrappage schemes and an ingrained upgrade mentality means that nothing lasts like it used to. It’s sad to think, however, that these parts of history could be lost forever. Insurer GoCompare recently released details of 50 classic cars facing extinction, which include some surprises. Of course, we can always hope they are stored away in garages or barns somewhere waiting to shine again. But for now, these 7 models we feature are down to mere single digits registered on