20 03, 2022

Are Rising Fuel Costs the Beginning of the End for Classic Cars?

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As petrol and diesel prices hit a record high, many motorists are feeling the pinch. It's been reported that 89 per cent of British car owners are concerned about being able to afford petrol, 39% are driving less, and 1% have already switched to a hybrid or EV. For classic owners, there is concern that these rising fuel costs are the beginning of the end of their hobby. The introduction of E10 fuel, which could cause damage to the components in older engines, was already a blow, meaning classic owners had to pay more for standard fuel now labelled 'premium'.

12 03, 2022

Wander Round An Abandoned BMW Dealership Bodyshop

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Many car lovers have dreamed of stumbling upon a barn find. Opening the doors to a barn or building that’s been shut up for years to find a classic, or even better, collection of classics covered in layers of dust and dirt. We won’t all find a time capsule car, but we can live through the eyes of those that do like this abandoned BMW dealership find.   YouTubers from the channel M539 Restorations took cameras along for the journey and shared the video to their channel so we can explore with them. The warehouse, located in Tarragon, Spain, was

2 02, 2022

MINI Recharged – An Official Classic MINI EV Conversion

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The original MINI seems to be the perfect candidate for a powertrain transplant. Back in November 2020, we reported on Swindon releasing a Mini conversion kit, allowing owners to swap out their combustion engine for an electric powertrain. Now, engineer’s at MINI in Oxford have developed an official EV conversion for classic MINI’s – MINI Recharged.   The new drivetrain, which is fully electric, is capable of producing 121bhp, significantly more than the standard classic MINI engine. MINI Recharged will replace the engine with an electric motor and battery. Interestingly, they will store the vehicle’s original running gear for the

30 10, 2021

Christmas Gift Ideas for Classic Car Lovers

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You might think you are sick to death of thinking about the dreaded C-Word! But this time, we're not talking about the one that halted our lives for 18 months but rather the merry old land of Christmas! Buying gifts can be a labour of love for some of us, never knowing what to buy for our loved ones—trawling through hours of online stores or miles of the high street trying to find the perfect gift. This year, we've taken some of the guesswork out of buying the ideal gift for the classic car enthusiast in your life. Take a look

18 09, 2021

How To Import A Classic Car To The UK

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It might seem like a crazy idea to travel to another country to buy a car when loads of cars are available far closer to home. But the fact is, sometimes, the car we want requires a trip abroad. This means we need to import a classic car, the thought of which may seem daunting. Don't panic though, we are here to help guide you through the process. Sometimes, especially with classics, the exact Spanish model we want is most easily found in Spain! If you're thinking of jet setting for your newest vehicle – just know you're not alone!

24 06, 2021

Saving Classics & The Planet – Electric Car Conversions

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As the UK marches towards its goal of a net-zero carbon future, millions of car owners face the prospect of scrapping their cars in favour of new electric vehicles. The production of new diesel and even petrol cars are set to be outlawed in the next decade. The taxes and other charges for driving non-electric cars are rising and will get even more prohibitive in upcoming years. It's easy to say just trade your car in for its eco-friendly electric counterpart, but what happens if you really like your old car? Several companies, such as Electric Classic Cars, have found

30 04, 2021

Hyundai Paves The Road With The Electrified Pony

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The Hyundai Pony is a car that has long been associated with Korea's automotive industry. It was the first Korean car to be mass-produced and exported, opening many doors for the country's automobile production in general. Now, Hyundai has modernised the original 1975 Pony with an electric powertrain.   Unlike the Renault 5 reboot and reintroduction of the Ami name by Citroën on an EV, the Hyundai Pony Electric car stays true to its roots. The vehicle, which utilises the originals exterior design, has been created for display in Hyundai's recently opened Motorstudio Busan in South Korea.   The electrified

12 04, 2021

Modernised Classic Cars – A New Lease of Life?

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Modernised classic cars are becoming more popular with millennials. The idea behind this is to keep classic cars on the road while also keeping up with modern safety and environmental regulations and technology. Modernised classic cars take advantage of new technology such as electric power trains and power steering. The question is; is this sacrilege or a good way to keep these old designs alive?   Converting classic cars to electric We have reported recently on companies emerging that convert popular classic like the Mini to EV's. The Quest TV show Vintage Voltage also explores this in more depth, televising

11 01, 2021

Get Your Classic Car Fix in Lockdown 3

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With another national lockdown in full swing, 2021 has begun with all the uncertainty of 2020. For many, the last year has been one of sacrifice and fear. We have given up everything we enjoy to protect ourselves, families and neighbours. What have you missed this last year? Most of the car community have missed the socialising, the meetups, car shows and long drives. We had all hoped for a return to some normality this year, but that now remains unclear. To ensure you can still get some of your classic car fix we have compiled a list of things

18 12, 2020

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for a Classic Car Enthusiast

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The final countdown is on, with only days left until Christmas have you got all your gifts? If you’ve been scratching your head wondering what to buy for a classic car enthusiast then perhaps this little list can help. We have compiled a list of 10 great Christmas gifts for a classic car enthusiast below. Lego Cars Lego produces a range of vehicle kits to keep the classic car enthusiast busy over the festive period. There’s the Fiat 500, a 1985 Audi Sport Quattro, a James Bond Aston Martin DB5 and even a VW T1 bus. These toys range from