The Dax Rush is a lightweight two-seater sports car. It is offered as a kit, and is a popular choice among Kit Car builders. This Dax Rush is in superb condition throughout and ideal for a blast in the countryside on a summers day.

Video Transcript

This is a 19XX Dax Rush MC. The Dax Rush is a lightweight two-seater sports car. It is offered as a kit car and is a hugely popular choice among Kit Car builders. It has a multi-tube fully triangulated steel space frame chassis, front engine, and comes with either rear wheel or four wheel drive.

DJ Sports Cars International Ltd built the first DAX Rush in 1991, however, as some cars are built on older chassis, the year of construction can be earlier than 1991. In cooperation with the German company Mohr, who produced replicas of the Lotus Super Seven, a license production of DAX Rush was started in England based on this replica. 

The Dax Rush is characterised by its trademark rectangular headlights and lower, wider and more purposeful stance, the Rush is immediately recognisable in a marketplace which is otherwise flooded with Lotus 7 lookalikes. Although I see it as a fun summer’s day vehicle, this rush does feature a soft-top hood along with a full tonneau cover.

As you can see, this particular Dax Rush MC has a bold black exterior, with chrome accents, and a cream interior. The Dax Rush in this video was featured in the 2005/2006 “Which Kit Car? GUIDE” and the August 2005 “Kit Car” magazine.

The interior of the vehicle is well laid out, with the dials spanning over to the passenger side of the vehicle, rather being hidden behind the steering wheel. The black and cream leather on the dashboard and the cream leather on the seats gives an impressive and almost luxurious feel to the vehicle’s cabin, as do the chrome control levers and the styling of the roll bar. Unlike some kit cars, the interior of the Dax Rush feels quite spacious, providing ample room for both driver and passenger.

There are a lot of options under the hood when it comes to engines, the Dax Rush kit cars support most motorbike engines, as well as car engines. This particular Dax has a Vauxhall Redtop (20XE) engine. The 20XE, designed by Cosworth, UK, came into production in 1987. As Cosworth’s involvement suggests, this engine was designed for race application. When this engine first launched, it was considered somewhat of a milestone unit in Europe, and was widely used in motorsport in many specialist race versions. As you can see, the engine exhaust is a prominent feature on the exterior of the vehicle, running out from the hood and alongside the passenger side of the vehicle, finished in chrome to match the other chrome accents on the car.

So, how does it drive? The suspension is stiff, giving good control and precise steering, the brakes are excellent (probably due to the very light weight of the car itself). It feels like driving a go kart made for the roads, so if you like go-karting, then it makes for an enjoyable ride. With the loud exhaust and no side screens, it feels like you are driving faster than you actually are. In my opinion, the car is not really made for long distance driving, but as you can see, it’s a very fun drive around the country lanes on these hot summer days.

While you’re enjoying the drive, let me give you some more facts about the Dash Rush… The chassis is a triangulated lightweight space frame in high strength, low carbon steel, with bonded and riveted aluminium floor, bulkhead, and side panels. 

The donor car for this vehicle was predominantly Ford Sierra. The front suspension has double unequal length wishbones with neutral scrub, anti-dive geometry and shim adjustable camber, as well as Patented Camber Compensation and Anti-Roll suspension on a round-tube chassis. The rear suspension is Dax De Dion tube, with upper A-frame and lower radius arms, both front and rear suspension have adjustable coil-over dampers.

The brakes are dual circuit, balance bar braking systems with vented front discs and solid rear discs.

All of the work that Dax has put in to sorting the Rush has resulted in a kit car which is absolutely resolved and complete, it is well able to handle huge amounts of power, and overall, really does feel extremely well-developed and capable of working well on both the track and roads.