Insurance Experts Hagerty has released their 2022 Bull Market List. This list looks at cars that bring joy to both the head and heart, the pleasure of driving what you love without losing money. The list highlights some collectable cars that are tipped to increase in value over the coming year. These are 10 classic and collectable cars to watch in 2022.

The list is diverse and covers cars from the supercar elite to the humble hatchback. You can read last year’s here, but without further ado, let’s dive into the 2022 list.

2101-2015 Ferrari 458 Italia

Hagerty value £104,000 – £200,000

While this may not be a classic, it’s definitely a collector’s car. The 458 Italia ushered in the end of an era for Ferrari; this was the last naturally aspirated v8 car to leave the Maranello factory. This car packs a fair few horses, producing 562bhp. With worldwide price increases amounting to around 3.7% over the last year, the stats suggest this car is already on the up.

1998-2002 Maserati 3200 GT

Hagerty value £8,9000 to £26,500


Let’s face it, Maserati isn’t exactly known for their reliability. This car was met with lukewarm reviews from the critics at launch, but lovers of the marque found a soft spot in their hearts for this Grand Tourer. The design has helped this car live on despite the rumours about its expense to own.

1939-1940 MG TB

Hagerty value: £25,200 to £59,900


This is perhaps one of the rarest MGs of all time and certainly the rarest T-series with a mere one=year production span. Despite that, it marks a significant period in MG’s history: the XPAG engine launch. This was the power unit of choice for MG for the next 15 years, demonstrating just how good it was. It’s estimated that only around 80 are left.

2001-2006 Mini Cooper

Hagerty value £900 to £6,650

The BMW Mini is undoubtedly a popular car, although not one that goes down well with fans of the original British Mini. The modern-day vehicle is only Mini by name, occupying a much larger footprint than the original. These cars have been popular, and there’s no shortage on the toad today in varying conditions. They have a retro-styled interior that is cute and offer a fun driving experience

1996-2004 Porsche Boxster

Hagerty value £4,875 to £ 12,650

Sometimes referred to as ‘the poor man’s Porsche’, the Boxster is a great way to own a Porsche. Reviews of the day claimed this car was a better driver’s car than the 911 of its day. High praise indeed for a car that was almost half the latter’s price. With an average price rise of around 5.3% since mid-2019, these cars are looking like a fun and sound investment.

1961-1994 Renault 4L

Hagerty value £2,800 to £8,400

The quirky little 4L was Renault’s answer to the Citroen 2cv. A people’s car with fully independent suspension. With more than 8 million cars sold in its 33-year production span, this is France’s best-selling car ever. Despite that, Britain wasn’t one of the biggest buyers of this little motor, so they are harder to come by here. Values have risen by a whopping 39% over the last two years, making this a sound investment indeed.

1993-1995 Renault Clio Williams

Hagerty value £8,400 to £24,267

The second Renault to make the top ten is the iconic Clio Williams with its distinctive navy paintwork and gold alloys. A road-going rally Homologation Special, the Clio Williams, was developed by Renault Sport, who got 148bhp from the bored out 16v engine. Hagerty has recorded cars with over 100,000 miles advertised for prices exceeding their ‘Excellent’ Price Guide value. A sure sign that the market for the car is moving up.

1977-1986 Rolls-Royce Camargue

Hagerty value £25,000 to £70,000

The Camargue was the most expensive car of its day. Powered by a 6.75-litre V8 engine with an interior likened to a private jet cockpit. This car exudes elegance and class. This model is far rarer than other Rolls of the day, such as the Silver Shadow, which could explain why prices are rising. In Europe this year, two examples exceeded €100,000.

1969-1976 Triumph TR6

Hagerty value £6,200 to £31,000

With a vast difference in valuations for this model, there’s a TR6 to suit most pockets.  These roadsters are an enjoyable drive with a sporty exhaust note; put the top down and hit the country roads in the summer to enjoy it at its best. This car could reportedly outrun an e-type on winding British roads. Prices have risen almost 13% over the last two years, making this another fun, enjoyable investment car.

1979-2002 Volkswagen T25 Camper

Hagerty Value £5,600 to £23,750

These wedge-shaped motorhomes may have seemed like the ugly stepsister a few years ago when compared to the T1 and T2 campers, but they’re really coming into their own now. After two years of on and off lockdowns, camper vans have become a popular vehicle, allowing owners to escape and enjoy the outdoor life.


Well, that concludes the list of 10 Classic and Collectable Cars to Watch in 2022. It’s nice to see a camper van also grace the list and see such a wide variety of cars to choose from. Classic car ownership is about enjoying the simpler things in life with a pinch of nostalgia. They are becoming more valuable, though and can be a good investment. Just remember, any asset can rise or fall in value. If you buy a vehicle, you love it will never matter.