In these tough economic times, we’re all looking for ways to make our money go a bit further. We can help you start the new year with a nice little cash boost that can help you recover from the cost of Christmas festivities and start your year on the right footing.


You can earn a handy cash injection of between £250 and £1000 – All you need to do is refer someone selling a classic car to us. This might just be the easiest cash you have ever made!


Do you know someone selling a classic car? Perhaps they have never heard of Classic Cars and Campers. We are known for offering excellent prices on classic cars, helping people to avoid the hassle of alternative sales routes.


If you refer someone selling a classic car, you can earn a finder’s fee once it’s sold. It’s really that simple!


Perhaps you know someone who has a classic car stored away in a garage, someone with an unfinished project or someone looking for a quick sale. We use our expertise in classic cars to offer fair valuations and straightforward sales, helping people to avoid the time and hassle involved with listing their cars for sale.


How it works


Step one: Contact your friend to find out if they’re happy to sell their classic car.


Step two: Get in touch with us with to provide us with your contact details and your friend’s contact details.


Step three: We will get in touch with your friend to confirm they are happy to sell and to get all the details we need.


Step four: If the sale goes ahead, we will contact you to let you know and arrange payment of your finder’s fee of between £250 and £1000 to your bank account within 24 hours of the sale completion.


Step five: You receive your pay out. Simple!


There is no limit on how many introductions can be made by an introducer, so if you know someone with a large collection of classics or know several people with classics for sale, you can earn the introducer’s fee on ALL cars purchased by Classic Cars and Campers.


So, if you know someone looking to sell a classic car, click here and fill in the form, and you could be starting the new year with a cash boost of up to £1000! It’s a win-win situation as your friend can make a quick and easy sale, and you can earn some cash for helping them find us.