With many locations still on the red list, the majority of summer holidays this year are set to be staycations. Camper van sales and rental businesses are booming as people decide to take a road trip this summer and enjoy the scenic views and nature Britain has to offer.


With camper vanning a new way of life for many, we have put together our top 10 survival tips to ensure you are prepared and can get maximum enjoyment from your travels.




Before embarking on any long journey, essential vehicle maintenance should be undertaken. If you are renting your camper, you can check with the rental company whether they carry out these checks themselves prior to rental. The majority should.


If it’s your own van, be sure to check fluid levels, oil, tyres etc., before setting off on your journey. If you have a spare tyre, make sure you check this too, just in case there are any tyre emergencies en-route.


Leisure battery check


A leisure battery is a must-have if you’re travelling these days, especially with the need to power all of our gadgets and devices. These batteries need to be looked after. If left in a discharged state for too long or left connected to a load for an extended period of time, the battery can be permanently damaged.


Don’t forget your phone


We know this may be the perfect time to disconnect with a digital detox, but you’ll want to take those holiday snaps. Many of us don’t even own a camera these days; everything is done on our smartphone. Remember the charger too. You don’t want to be caught short in an emergency without a phone.


Plan your journey


While an impulsive trip may sound fun, the realities can be less exciting. It always pays to plan out your destinations and book campgrounds in advance to avoid disappointment. Keep an eye on the fuel and ensure you have enough and know where the service stops are on the way to refuel the vehicle and the passengers.


Go prepared


Make sure you pack accordingly, with layers of clothing for all weather, some food and drinks. If you have kids, you’ll want to keep them entertained to avoid the endless stream of ‘are we nearly there yet?’ The best advice is to pack-light but pack-right. Make a list before setting off.




As with your car, you should always make sure that when the van is left, it is locked. Valuables should always be kept out of sight, and you ensure the windows are closed. A steering lock could help prevent the theft of your camper van.


Keep cool


Help to keep the summer heat out of the van with some reflective sunshades. They’re also great for hiding away your valuables. A portable fan is another fan-tastic (see what we did there) item to pack and take on the journey. If you’re lucky enough to have an onboard fridge, then you can keep some water cool at all times in the refrigerator and replace it every time someone uses it.


Some vital items


As with all holidays, you should make sure you pack the suncream and be prepared for bugs like mosquitos. There are no limits on medication as you’re not travelling abroad, so keep a well-stocked first aid kit completed with paracetamol, Calpol if you have kids and antihistamines


If you’re enjoying a campervan holiday this year, we wish you sunshine, laughter and happy memories.