This year, the 50th anniversary of the Renault 5 is being celebrated with an extraordinary edition: the Diamant. Pierre Gonalons, a fashionista with a great sense of style, has given this classic car a restomod redesign that is sure to turn heads. The Diamant is an electric vehicle conversion redesigned with a nod to its past while bringing it into the 21st Century.

When Renault designed the R5, the world was changing. It was the end of the 1960s approaching a new decade. The younger generation was bucking trends; they wanted to be trendy and laid back. Renault decided to create a non-conformist design to appeal to young people and women. The Renault 5 was conceived.

As gender equality was on the rise and women were going to work, they needed a versatile car suitable for the new ways they were living. Small, modular and roomy, the Renault 5 ticked all the boxes. There was room in the back for children, a spacious boot for shopping, luggage and belongings, and the back had no opening doors or windows designed to be safe for small children.

The little car surpassed all expectations and went on to sell 5.5 million units between 1972 and 1985. It was sold on all five continents, becoming the model of a brand and the car of a decade. Renault capitalised on its success and made limited edition models that made the car appealing to everyone. From sporting versions such as the R5 Turbo to fashion collaborations such as blue jeans.

With such a history, Renault had to mark the 50th anniversary of the Renault 5 with something unique, and they haven’t disappointed. Teaming up with Pierre Gonalons, an artist, interior architect, creative director and product designer from France, they’ve brought us something special.


renault 5 diamant


The Renault 5 Diamant is striking, finished in a metallic mauve. It has unique gem-like headlamps and rear lights, side mirrors that look like a saucier pan, and dish-shaped black and white wheels with a gold starburst motif which is very Mid-Century modern. The shape of the car is true to the original Renault 5 that Michel Boué designed.

Inside the cabin, however, has been completely redesigned. There’s a swirling recycled marble steering wheel in a simplistic white cabin. Touches of marble and gold bring the design together nicely. There’s an integrated phone-holder bringing the car into the smartphone era.

This restomod has been converted to an electric powertrain, another sign of the times. Of course, this isn’t the first R5 EV we have seen. Last year we shared a reimagining of the Renault 5 as an EV concept which Renault hopes to release in 2024, as close to the concept design as possible.

We love this restomod. It’s quirky and striking with some fantastic attention to detail. The Diamant name is befitting with the shape of the lights, and the unique touches such as the gold circular door handles inside add the fashionista touch to a car that’s no stranger to the fashion conscious.