It’s that time of year again where we spend minutes, days or sometimes months trying to come up with the perfect gift for the campervan lover in our lives! We know how pressed for time, so many of you are, so we’ve tried to make it easier by compiling a list of some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for the campervan lovers in your life!

campervan journal Personalised Campervan Travel Journal – what better way to record all the fantastic adventures your loved one will go on than with a personalised travel journal. There are hundreds to choose from – we like this one, the cover can be personalised with different types of campervans and motorhomes, different backgrounds and two lines of text.
Campervan Mug: This quirky yet durable stoneware campervan mug is perfect for the office or home. Let your favourite van-lifer indulge in a cup of tea, dreaming of future travels!
camping cookbook Camping Cookbook – we would love to make chilli and s’mores every day, but imagine for a true van-lifer that diet could become rather monotonous! From breakfast to snacks to full-on feasts, this cookbook gives organisational advice as well as cooking techniques so you can get your chef on even in the great outdoors!
Kitchen Multi-tool Kitchen Multi-tool – Campervan and motorhome kitchens, especially for full-time van-lifers, notoriously lacking in space. This means that finding items that can double or even triple in their usability is a godsend. However, what this 8 in 1 Kitchen Tool Bottle trumps it all! Gadgets include a can opener, potato masher, cheese grater and lemon squeezer, all in the confines of a 27.5cm wine bottle!
Virtually Unbreakable Wine Glass Virtually Unbreakable Wine Glass – perfect for al fresco dining and, of course, anyone on the road, these polycarbonate plastic wine glasses actually bounce if (when!) they hit the ground! Whether you want long-stemmed or stackable – unbreakable wine glasses are a great way to enjoy your favourite tipple on the road.
portable heather christmas gift ideas for campervan lovers


Portable Heater – Undoubtedly a blessing, especially in the colder months, no campervan or motorhome is complete with a heater. This one connects to a propane tank; it has an auto shut-off feature in the event it tips over, if the pilot light goes out or if it detects low oxygen levels.

portable washing bag Portable Washing Bag – Seeing as a campervan is unlikely to come fully stocked with a washing machine, this portable wash bag is a brilliant gift for any traveller. The dry sack comes with an internal washboard; it’s easy to use; just add clothes, water and detergent, scrub for a few minutes and rinse! There is even an option for a wash and dry kit which couples the wash bag with a quick-dry towel to remove excess water, a pegless washing line and inflatable hangers!
portable coffee maker Mobile Coffee Machine  If your favourite camper can’t make it out the door (or into the driver’s seat!) without that cup of coffee or espresso, then a lightweight 12V coffee machine could be the ideal gift. This particular one makes just one cup of coffee at a time and comes complete with a cup, so you’re not hunting for one that fits. There are more options available for 5 cup machines as well – all of which can run off the campervan’s leisure battery!
portable vacuum cleaner Cordless Hoover  – complete with charger and crevice tool, this is an excellent option for cleaning the hard-to-reach areas in a campervan or motorhome. If a hoover seems like overkill – check out this Dustpan and brush setwhich clip together and are almost flat when they’re picked, which makes it a perfect location for the limited storage facilities of a campervan.
gingerbread campervan Gingerbread Campervan – this campervan takes a lot less fuel than the one you might travel around! Why not involve the kids in some Christmas fun with this complete kit to make an excellent edible campervan!

We hope these Christmas gift ideas for campervan lovers has given you some great ideas for gifts for your favourite van lover. The possibilities really are endless, from fluffy blankets to hiking boots or backpacks! And don’t forget if it’s an actual campervan they want this Christmas – check out the listings on our website here. If you’re looking for gift ideas for classic car lovers, we have created a list here.