This year’s Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way in which the world moves. With lockdowns and restrictions, many people were unable to get away this year the staycation has become more popular than ever!

Campervans are a fantastic way to escape the normal everyday rat-run allowing you to go away on a road trip at the drop of a hat and escape the familiarity of home.

Here are our top 5 tips to make the most of your motorhome.

Keep the Essentials On-Board

Most campervans have a little kitchen area with cupboards to store the essentials, the beauty of owning a motorhome is the ability to be spontaneous and escape the mundaneness of everyday life. Having to pack all the essentials such as pots and pans takes the shine off of a quick escape, so ensure your van has utensils, cooking equipment, blankets etc on board to minimise preparation and planning.

Travel Light

This point extends from the one above. When packing for a campervan escape keep it to the essentials. Some clothes for all-weather, comfortable footwear, some food, your purse or wallet and maybe a phone charger. You don’t need more than a backpack each, otherwise, you will be fighting for space.

Book Campsites in Advance

OK, we know it is a little contradictory to the spontaneous and free nature of campervanning, but you should try to book a campsite in advance to avoid stress, even if it’s en-route from your phone (the passenger’s phone, if you are driving). Nobody wants to be driving around late at night, tired and hungry with nowhere to stay. The beauty of mobile phones is the ability to locate and contact businesses such as campsites at the few taps of a screen.

Take the Scenic Route in Your Campervan

One of the joys of campervan ownership is the ability to enjoy the journey. Enjoy drinking in the view through a large windscreen and appreciate nature. The vehicles provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so make the most of it and get off the motorways where you can.

Make Sure You Fill Up

Make sure you fill up with fuel to reduce stress on the journey and know the range of your motorhome. Especially, if you are off the beaten track and enjoying country roads. You don’t want to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.

Most of all, enjoy it, spend your break connecting with humans and nature, away from technology and the disconnection we feel in everyday life glued to our devices. Spend these moments enjoying the more primitive things in life that many of us are lacking in modern-day life and replenish your energy.