You would have to have been living under a rock not to have heard about the huge E10 fuel change planned for next year, whereby all E5 petrol will be changed to E10 as the new industry standard.


Whilst the government claims that the switch to E10 unleaded fuel with 10% bioethanol mix will reduce vehicle emissions by 750,000 tonnes each year, it will, unfortunately, leave about 600,000 vehicle owners finding their cars incompatible with the new E10. The fact is, this fuel just isn’t compliant with older vehicles, which means classic cars are likely to need expensive upgrades to be compatible. The RAC has stated that this new E10 fuel is likely to pose a risk of fires and leaks if used in classic vehicles.


Of course, this isn’t the first time that the government have changed the fuel available for use here in the UK. Back in 2000 four-star petrol was withdrawn from forecourts across the country leaving classic vehicle owners with difficulties.


It may have at one time been impossible or at the very least unorthodox, but change is coming, and the ability to convert your classic Mini to an electric vehicle is here.


The option to turn your classic Mini into an electric car could see you saving hundreds in running costs! Having already famously launched the Swind E Electric Mini, Swindon Powertrain have now created an electric Mini conversion system that will allow you to convert your Mini from the original A-series engine to a zero-emissions electric unit.


The new electric mini conversion kit has explicitly been fashioned so that no modifications to your vehicle are necessary. The whole package consisting of the electric motor and a set of brackets has a dry weight of just over 70kg (about half of the original Mini engine and gearbox put together!)  Using CV joint housings which will easily couple with the existing Mini driveshafts allows for a smooth transition into the new age of technology for your beloved classic car.


In addition to this incredible innovation, Swindon Powertrain will also provide a range of extra parts which include a 12kWh battery pack which can sit on top of the new electric motor, a motor controller, DC-DC converter and even an on-board charger. With the starting price coming in at £8,850 + VAT, buyers can choose between a standard differential and a limited-slip unit as well as the other upgrades mentioned.


Of course, there is a certain nostalgia attached to the scent of oil burning and familiar sounds of a classic engine. When choosing between garaging a car and being able to keep it on the road, though, the option may seem less drastic. This new Swindon Powertrain electric motor has the potential to allow classic motoring to continue for decades to come.


Customer deliveries for this new kit will start December of this year and come following “over 500 requests for more information on the HPD E system” says commercial director Gerry Hughes.


The conversion to electric is, of course, something that may cause conflict in classic owners’ minds, but it would provide peace of mind, protecting against further changes to fuel in the future.


This new option by Swindon powertrain will probably not be the only kit that comes to the market in the coming months and years. It will be around five years before the current unleaded E5 fuel is removed from forecourts, so there is time for other powertrain conversions to come to the market and become more commonplace. Click here to take a look at the brochure.