With another national lockdown in full swing, 2021 has begun with all the uncertainty of 2020. For many, the last year has been one of sacrifice and fear. We have given up everything we enjoy to protect ourselves, families and neighbours.

What have you missed this last year? Most of the car community have missed the socialising, the meetups, car shows and long drives. We had all hoped for a return to some normality this year, but that now remains unclear.

To ensure you can still get some of your classic car fix we have compiled a list of things to keep you busy during lockdown 3.

Work on your classic

Let’s face it, there’s always a list of jobs to do when you own a classic. If you are furloughed or spending more time at home, it’s the perfect excuse to tackle that list. Whether it’s general maintenance, servicing or upgrades now is the perfect time to have your car looking it’s best for when everything is open again.

Learn New Skills

There is a wealth of information online to teach you new skills that can help you work on your classic. Whether you want to look in a Haynes manual to learn how to fix or service parts of your car or watch YouTube videos, you can learn practical skills that will help you to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Join Groups

Join forums or Facebook groups to chat with other classic car enthusiasts. There are general groups for classic enthusiast and groups for lovers of specific marques or models. These groups offer some of the community spirit that many of us have been lacking over the last year. You can also join in the conversation on our Facebook or Instagram accounts where we have polls, quizzes and more.

Classic Car TV Shows & Podcasts

You could use the time to catch up on some of your favourite car shows such as Car SOS, Wheeler Dealers, Rust Valley or Chasing Classics.  Likewise, many podcasts exist to entertain you from marque specific podcasts such as MG Car Club to more generalised podcasts, like Collecting Cars.

Virtual Events

The last year has undoubtedly changed the way we do things; online became the place to be. Meetings take place over zoom, so why can’t a classic car event be held online? REVS are one such organiser of these online car events. You can find out more about the next event here.

Model Building

If there’s no work to be done on your own classic, why not build a model. Lego offers a range of brick classics to while away the hours. Alternatively, you could opt to create a scale metal model kit, or perhaps a wooden slot together kit? There are so many options out there with varying prices to suit all budgets. Check out the selection on Amazon here.

Video Games

Missing track days? Why not bust out the video games and race against the computer or your friends online? Whichever console you own, racing games are a popular genre which means there’s always something available.


Whatever way you choose to get your classic car fix during Lockdown 3, remember that this is all for the greater good. The world will re-open, and we will all be able to meet and share the love of our cars again. But for now, we will meet in the virtual world and share and enjoy online.