Porsche has unveiled a couple of new head units that should make some classic Porsche car owners very happy. These new head units combine that classic vintage design, but with all of the modern conveniences of today’s in-car-entertainment, including things like Apple CarPlay, DAB+, high-resolution touchscreens, and Bluetooth.

There are two variants available, a single-DIN version, and a double-DIN version for the automaker’s 996 and 986 models. The single-DIN features a 3.5-inch display, and the double-DIN version features a 7-inch display. Porsche has named the new head units “Porsche Classic Communication Management”, and they claim that the system is compatible with a large variety of Porsche models from the 1960s up to the 1990s.

As well as auxiliary connectivity and an SD card slot, there’s also a USB port. While you may think a touchscreen on the dashboard of a classic car would stick out like a sore thumb, in the images released so far by Porsche, the systems do have a retro look to help them blend in, such as rotary knobs and integrated buttons – not just a huge touch screen.

A spokesperson for Porsche said:

The PCCM blends harmoniously into the dashboard of Porsche classic cars thanks to the black surface finish and the shape of the knobs. It features the Porsche logo and is suitable for the sports car generations between the first 911 models of the 1960s and the last 911 with air cooling from the start of the 1990s (993 model series).

As you might expect, these new head units won’t come cheap, with the single-DIN variant retailing at around £1,250 and the double-DIN variant retailing at around £1,400.

There are already plenty of aftermarket head units available to install in classic cars, and a lot of them include touch-screens and are CarPlay-compatible, but Porsche’s approach to blend it with a retro design that wouldn’t look out of place in their classic cars is certainly a unique approach. With the demand for infotainment systems which match smartphones’ operating systems continuing to grow, it will be interesting to see if other automakers follow suit in the future.

What do you think about these new infotainment systems, if you own a classic Porsche, would you consider installing one of these head units?