There’s nothing like the freedom and flexibility that roaming around in your campervan gives. But as we all know, living on the road sometimes provides barriers to comfort and convenience. We have compiled a list of 7 cool and useful things to take in your campervan, helping to take your camping trip to the next level of comfort and enjoyment.

portable wifi

Pocket WiFi

Let’s face it, most of us would struggle to live comfortably without internet access these days. A portable WiFi device can help you stay connected wherever you go in your camper van, so you can keep in touch with friends and family or work from remote locations. All you need is a small dongle which will take up next to no space and a data plan with a chosen network. Most UK mobile networks offer a range of packages, including the pocket WiFi device and monthly data allowance, so you can select an option to meet your data requirements.

This deal from O2 gives you an Alcatel 4G pocket hotspot with 150gn data monthly for just £30 per month.


portable camping shower

Portable outdoor camping shower

Unlike larger motorhomes, camper vans rarely come with a shower. While living on the road gives you freedom, it can be challenging to find facilities for personal hygiene at times. A portable outdoor camping shower is the perfect solution. This handy gadget takes up little space and is a godsend when facilities are unavailable. You can pick up portable outdoor camping showers at a range of online retailers and specialist camping stores.

This one from Amazon is a great low-cost option.

portable BBQ

Portable BBQ

Camper vans typically have little to no cooking space. While campsites may have communal cooking facilities, a portable BBQ will enhance your dining experience wherever you go, so you don’t have to rely on crisps and pot noodles!

Depending on your personal preference and space limitations, you can choose between a gas or coal BBQ.

Portable camping BBQs are sold at many hardware and home stores as well as supermarkets, specialist camping stores and online retailers.

This Cob Pro BBQ from Go Outdoors is easy to use and comes with its own carry case:


camping hammock


There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hammock, enjoying a good book or afternoon nap. A hammock is a great enhancement to any camper van holiday. They are super compact and can be set up easily anywhere from neighbouring trees or poles.

Hammocks can be bought for relatively little from specialist outdoors and camping stores as well as a range of online retailers.

This one from Amazon is a bargain and comes with the added bonus of a mosquito net.

portable lamp

Portable lighting

Lighting can sometimes be an issue when living on the road. While you may have good lighting inside your camper van, it’s worth investing in some portable lighting if you want to spend time outside in the evening.

Battery-operated lights are the best option, and portable LED lamps come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit your needs. You can choose from standard battery lights or rechargeable options.

Portable lighting can be found at specialist camping stores, larger supermarkets and a range of online retailers.

This rechargeable camping light from Decathlon comes in a compact design, perfect for camper vans, and provides enough light for four people comfortably.

camper thermal blinds

Thermal blind

Even if your camper van provides some sort of insulation, the internal climate can vary considerably in different seasons and locations. A thermal blind can help you regulate your climate inside the camper, making you more comfortable wherever and whenever you go camping.

You can suction your thermal blind to the windscreen and passenger windows. In colder weather, it will help to reduce heat loss, and in warmer weather, it will help to keep your camper cool by reflecting sunlight. As an added bonus, thermal blinds also help to reduce condensation and prevent dampness and mould in your camper van.

You can purchase a thermal blind from specialist camping stores and a range of online retailers.

This one size fits all thermal blind from Halfords is a good option for a range of vehicles.

levelling ramps

Levelling ramps

Finding a spot to park your camper van on level ground is not always an option. While being at an angle may not seem too much of an issue at first, it can be uncomfortable for sleeping and create problems with drainage and appliances.

A set of levelling ramps can help you overcome the issue of parking on uneven ground. Choosing the proper ramps for your vehicle and size is essential, so be sure to do some further research before buying.

Fiamma is a popular and highly rated brand and can be bought on Amazon.


Investing in these campervan accessories will bring a whole new level of comfort and convenience to your camping trips. Happy camping!