As the price of classic cars continues to rise, faster than gold in some cases, they are becoming an easy target for thieves. If you’re a car enthusiast who wants your car to be safe from then read on. We will explain how you can protect your classic car from thieves.

Covid19 seemed to pique people’s interest in classic cars. They had time on their hands to indulge in their nostalgia and fix up classics. With predictions stating classic could rise in value faster than the average savings account, they’re now more than just a hobby.

This had made classic cars an easy target for thieves meaning they are more vulnerable than ever before. They’re an easy way for criminals to make a quick buck and appeal because of their increased value and lack of modern-day anti-theft measures.

They often don’t have the tracking or identifying marks that modern vehicles have, and it’s easier to break into them with rudimentary tools and hotwire them. Today cars are marked with.

So, how can you protect your classic car from thieves?

Make a note of your VIN

VINs are unique to each vehicle. It should be stamped on the vehicle’s chassis and in the engine bay. More modern vehicles also have them on the bottom of the windscreen and other places.

Keep a note of it somewhere safe in case it is ever stolen. This way, you have some form of identifying it. Of course, crooks do take measures to try and disguise the VINs of stolen cars, but it’s worth keeping a note of.

Take some photos of your classic, especially any distinguishing features that may help to identify it as yours.

Park it somewhere safe

Often classic cars get put away for the winter. This isn’t always at home. Some people have lockups that they tore their cherished classic in away from their visibility. It may be worth installing a security camera if you can’t be near your car.

For vehicles parked on the street, ensure they are on a well-lit road close by so you can hear anything such as breaking glass or the sound of a classic engine. You can also install security cameras at home or perhaps a ring doorbell system for surveillance of your prized possession.

If your classic is parked up on a driveway, consider blocking it in with another car whenever possible.

Ensure it’s locked and secure

It goes without saying that you should always ensure the vehicle is left locked and secure. Keep valuables out of sight as this is another target for thieves. Ensure windows are fully closed and if there’s a sunroof, check that too.

Ensure the keys are stored somewhere safe and not left on a hook near the door. Thieves have been known to use hooks to reach in through letterboxes to steal keys.

Install an alarm and/or tracker to protect your classic car from thieves

An aftermarket car alarm or vehicle tracker can be added to your vehicle. The alarm will act as a deterrent should anyone try to break into it, and the tracker can help you locate your vehicle should the worst happen, increasing the chances of you being reunited massively.

The cars deemed most at risk are sub £10k classics that are tipped to rise in value. This is because they are less likely to have had investments made to keep them safe than, say, a 1960s jaguar e type.

We hope these tips have helped you know how to protect your classic car from thieves. Keep your classics safe. These vehicles are often a love affair. You will never regain the time you put into them or the memories if it’s stolen. Better safe than sorry.