22 10, 2021

Things to Consider When Buying A Classic Car

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Many will attest to the idea that owning a classic car can be one of the most rewarding experiences a person can enjoy. Admiring onlookers and a true sense of community from fellow classic car enthusiasts are just some of the ways owning a classic car can bring joy to your life. before you jump in though, there are some things you should consider before buying a classic car.   Like jumping in a time machine and travelling around in it all the time, a classic car is more than just a vehicle – it’s an experience.   However, it

16 10, 2021

5 Affordable Classic Car Investments

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With bank accounts rarely offering interest rates of greater than 1 per cent, many of us are turning to other places to place our money in the hopes of a healthier return. Some savvy savers have turned to stocks and shares to attempt to increase their nest egg or recover from a pandemic that broke many of our bank balances. However, the risk of placing bets with our money can feel too great for several potential investors. The classic car market has continued to boom during the pandemic, unlike so many other industries. A surge in spare time for enthusiasts

10 10, 2021

Swap Your GB For A UK When Driving Abroad

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Many of us will be familiar with the white oval stickers or magnets with a black GB emblem found stuck to the back of cars. These are used to allow British motorists to take their vehicles outside the UK throughout Europe.     Earlier this year, it was announced that the GB sticker could be done away with in exchange for a new registration plate with a union flag and GB sign. However, the government has now decided that you’ll need to swap that GB for a new ‘UK’ version if you are planning a European road trip.    We’ll explain

30 09, 2021

New Rules For Caravan Towing

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We are all well aware of the shortage of HGV drivers following a national pandemic and Brexit. The pandemic caused fewer lessons to be undertaken, fewer tests to be administered, and ultimately fewer HGV drivers available. Brexit is blamed for causing a considerable loss in the EU HGV drivers who prefer the stability and security of work within the EU.   A survey conducted by the Road Haulage Association suggests that there is now a shortage of more than 100,000 qualified drivers in the UK, with close to 30% of HGV driver vacancies taking two months to fill.   To enable the

24 09, 2021

5 Tips To Learn More About Your Classic Car’s History

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Owning a classic car is an experience unlike any other. It introduces you to the vibrant history of the motoring world. Not only are you driving the vehicle that your dreams were made of, but you're also sharing that passion with a beautiful community of like-minded souls. Whether you are new to classic car ownership or long entrenched in the lifestyle tracing your classic car's history can be an adventure. Taking the time to unearth the tale behind your beloved vehicle isn't just fun for you but offers background to a potential buyer should you choose to sell. Here we

18 09, 2021

How To Import A Classic Car To The UK

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It might seem like a crazy idea to travel to another country to buy a car when loads of cars are available far closer to home. But the fact is, sometimes, the car we want requires a trip abroad. This means we need to import a classic car, the thought of which may seem daunting. Don't panic though, we are here to help guide you through the process. Sometimes, especially with classics, the exact Spanish model we want is most easily found in Spain! If you're thinking of jet setting for your newest vehicle – just know you're not alone!

11 09, 2021

How To Become A Digital Nomad

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For many, the dream of packing your van or motorhome full of your worldly possessions (following a downsize, of course!) for life on the road is very appealing. Perhaps even converting a van yourself to make the perfect space for you and your loved ones might be a dream come true.   You may see photos on Instagram or Facebook of individuals living in their van full time who appear to have it all together taking gorgeous photographs of the scenery and apparently living their best life. But remote working isn't just sitting by a lake while you work on

4 09, 2021

Classic Cars And 3D Printing

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3D printing technology has advanced significantly in the last few decades. You can buy an entry-level 3D printer for only a few hundred pounds. YouTubers have made 3D printing even more attractive to the general public amassing hundreds of thousands of subscribers watching them create a vast array of items. The technology itself has been around for many years, with the first documented iterations traced back to 1980s Japan. Initially, 3D printing allowed designers to create prototypes and models far more quickly than by hand, and it was believed this would be its only purpose. However, 3D printing processes have

28 08, 2021

Are Classic Cars More Valuable Than Gold?

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New research indicates that classic cars can nearly double in value over ten years, making classic cars more valuable than gold or art. Vanarama has analysed fifteen classic cars considered to be ‘affordable’ options at less than £15,000 per model. Their value was tracked over the last decade (between 2010 and 2020), drawing on data from Hagerty, a classic car specialist. What they discovered was perhaps surprising to many – that the average classic car increased in value by 97% during this time period. This equates to an average increase of over £14,400 – nearly double the original value. Of

20 08, 2021

Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction This Year

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Despite the turmoil of 2021, with many businesses shut for the first half of the year, the classic car sales market has boomed. Auction sale prices have risen by 17%, with the average UK auction sale price currently at £45,648 from £38,984 last year. Experts believe this increase is due to more collectors paying above and beyond the high estimate for these collectable vehicles. Over 34% of buyers paid above the high estimate; this is compared to 17.9% in 202   Modern classics, cars from the 1980s had the highest rate of completed sales when compared with other car eras.