20 01, 2020

Selling Your Car Online? Read this First!

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Whether you’re a dealer or simply an enthusiastic amateur the time may well come when you want to sell your beloved classic car or campervan. So you’ve figured out the price that you’re looking to achieve and researched where you want to sell it (through us, naturally!), but how do you create that buzz? How do you create an ad that’s going to get mass attention and push the price upwards? How do you avoid making a total dud that gets laughed at or (worse still) ignored?

20 01, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Use ‘Classic Cars and Campers’ to Sell your Classic Car!

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OK, so the time has finally come. That beautiful old vehicle that you’ve repaired, renovated, oiled and polished for so many years has now got to go. Perhaps you have a new project you’re moving on to? Perhaps you simply need to release funds. There can be numerous reasons why enthusiasts sell their classic cars or campervans but the same, age-old problem exist? Where can I sell it without being ripped off or incurring enormous fees?