12 03, 2022

Wander Round An Abandoned BMW Dealership Bodyshop

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Many car lovers have dreamed of stumbling upon a barn find. Opening the doors to a barn or building that’s been shut up for years to find a classic, or even better, collection of classics covered in layers of dust and dirt. We won’t all find a time capsule car, but we can live through the eyes of those that do like this abandoned BMW dealership find.   YouTubers from the channel M539 Restorations took cameras along for the journey and shared the video to their channel so we can explore with them. The warehouse, located in Tarragon, Spain, was

5 03, 2022

Five Modern Classics Worth Watching

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*Featured Image - Jeep Cherokee XJ The price of used cars across the board seems to have increased lately, with Auto Trader reporting that used car prices have risen 31% on average compared with last year. A shortage of chips seems to be the main factor of these price rises, with delays in new car availability. It’s not just modern used cars seeing an increase either. Some modern classics are now worth watching. We've put together this list of five modern classics worth watching.   BMW Alpina E39 B10 BMWs are always a worthy investment, especially the faster M sport

23 02, 2022

Storms Destroy Classic Car Collection

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The recent barrage of storms has brought destruction and inconvenience across the country lately. For one classic car enthusiast, though, they have also brought devastation. Ewen Sergison has been left distraught after his classic car collection worth almost half a million pounds was destroyed. Sergison's passion for cars seeps into every aspect of his life. He runs AVIT motorsport works as an F1 engineer and a high-speed driving instructor. This is a devastating blow for Sergison and his fiancé, who only moved into the building a year ago. The winds of storms Eunice and Franklin reached up to 100mph, battering

15 02, 2022

How to Enjoy Your Camper Van in Winter

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While winter may almost be over, February is typically one of the coldest months of the year. That doesn't stop die-hard 'vanlifers' from exploring in their camper vans, though, proving that camper vans aren't just for summer. So, with that being said, are our tips on how to enjoy your camper van in winter. What are the benefits of winter camping? Camping in summer is great, don't get us wrong, but soaring temperatures can be uncomfortable, and the insects can be a menace. While it may be chilly, winter camping has its upsides. The biggest of which is avoiding the

8 02, 2022

How to Restore a Classic Car: A Guide for the First-Time Restorer

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A classic car is a beautiful thing. There's something special about driving around in a vehicle that's been lovingly restored to its former glory. If you're thinking of restoring a classic car for the first time, this guide will tell you everything you need to know. We'll talk about the different stages of restoration and how to choose the right company to do the work for you. We'll also give you some tips on staying on budget and making sure the job is completed on time. So read on, and get ready to restore your very own classic car!  

2 02, 2022

MINI Recharged – An Official Classic MINI EV Conversion

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The original MINI seems to be the perfect candidate for a powertrain transplant. Back in November 2020, we reported on Swindon releasing a Mini conversion kit, allowing owners to swap out their combustion engine for an electric powertrain. Now, engineer’s at MINI in Oxford have developed an official EV conversion for classic MINI’s – MINI Recharged.   The new drivetrain, which is fully electric, is capable of producing 121bhp, significantly more than the standard classic MINI engine. MINI Recharged will replace the engine with an electric motor and battery. Interestingly, they will store the vehicle’s original running gear for the

24 01, 2022

Our Top 5 Electric Restomod Concepts

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There's no doubt that electric vehicles are the future. We're gradually moving away from petrol and diesel cars, and more and more people are opting for EVs. This is great news for the environment and car designers who are no longer constrained by the technicalities of things like engine placement and air intakes. Could the past hold the key to the future of car design, though? We've found some pretty cool EV restomod designs online, so we created this post to list them all.   Restomodding is the practice of restoring a classic car while modernising it. While some have

15 01, 2022

Hypermiling – How To Save Up To 40% On Petrol Costs

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Driving has become so expensive. With the ever-increasing fuel prices and the introduction of e10 fuel, which seems to disappear like you have a leak, not to mention the damage it can do to classic cars filling up your tank, has become be a nightmare. There are a group of people practising something called hypermiling to get the most from their tank. We explore the trend here. What is Hypermiling? Hypermiling is a trend that sees drivers implementing techniques that can maximise their fuel efficiency beyond even the manufacturer's expectations. Basically, Hypermilers aim to beat the mpg quoted by manufacturers

9 01, 2022

Pay-per-mile road tax could benefit classic owners

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With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars due to end by 2030, the government are having to consider alternative road tax policies. At present, road, tax is calculated on fuel type and emissions. A pay-per-mile road tax system is being considered to replace the current system. Why Does the road tax system need to change? Road tax or Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is paid to the government by vehicle owners. This tax helps to cover the cost of safety measures and repairs to the road. Presently, electric vehicles are exempt from paying road tax as an incentive to

18 12, 2021

10 Classic and Collectable Cars to Watch in 2022

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Insurance Experts Hagerty has released their 2022 Bull Market List. This list looks at cars that bring joy to both the head and heart, the pleasure of driving what you love without losing money. The list highlights some collectable cars that are tipped to increase in value over the coming year. These are 10 classic and collectable cars to watch in 2022. The list is diverse and covers cars from the supercar elite to the humble hatchback. You can read last year’s here, but without further ado, let’s dive into the 2022 list. 2101-2015 Ferrari 458 Italia Hagerty value £104,000 -