Whether you’re a dealer or simply an enthusiastic amateur the time may well come when you want to sell your beloved classic car or campervan. So you’ve figured out the price that you’re looking to achieve and researched where you want to sell it (through us, naturally!), but how do you create that buzz? How do you create an ad that’s going to get mass attention and push the price upwards? How do you avoid making a total dud that gets laughed at or (worse still) ignored?

This might not cut it…..

That’s not so say you shouldn’t be honest, of course, but a little enthusiasm helpsJ

Here are a few hints to get you started:

  • Pictures, pictures, pictures! And if you really want to stand out make a short video too. A picture can be more valuable that endless reams of text – highlight the best features of the car and try to take one from the driver’s seat too. Do avoid blurry or poor quality imagery as it gives the impression that you’re trying to hide something. Below are a couple of good examples – clear, clean and detailed, giving the impression that the owner seriously cared for the vehicle.
  • Give as many as you possibly can for two reasons: firstly it smacks of honesty (you’re hardly going to buy a car that doesn’t mention the mileage), and secondly it’ll save you a lot of time later on fielding questions from interested parties. It’s important to log the number of previous owners and where the car came from geographically too. And finally be VERY clear with the price and your contact details. PLEASE avoid phrases like ‘ONO’ or ‘Open to Offers’ or any similar nonsense. You have your price. Stick to It.
  • Clarity and Style. Here’s a big one. Not everyone is blessed with university level grammar and diction, and whilst you don’t have to sound like a published author or poet Laureate, clear English, correct spelling and accurate grammar are crucial. If your ad reads like it was written by an over-excited teenager then the chances are that any potential buyer will treat you like one. There are free tools online that can help – use a spellchecker, try out Grammarly. If you appear professional you’ll do much better.
  • The importance of honesty can’t be over stretched. If you vehicle needs bodywork mention it. If the engine sounds like an asthmatic Granny when it’s turned over let the buyer know that work is needed. People will want to know why you are selling the car, so you might as well let them know in the ad. There is simply ZERO point in over-exaggerating the vehicles benefits or hiding its defects. You’re only wasting your time and the buyers too.

There you go – will it sell you car? Not necessarily, but if you follow this broad advise you’ll be in a lot stronger position than others selling similar vehicles