3 07, 2021

England Vs Germany – Battle of the Classic Cars

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Tuesday saw one of the most anticipated clashes of Euros 2021, with England vs Germany. The long-standing rivalry goes far beyond strikers and goalposts, though. The battle is more prevalent on the road than it is on the pitch for some of us.       E-Type or 911? Allegro or Golf? Mini or Beetle? Choosing between British beauties and German Gems can seem like an impossibility. Both nations have designed and produced some of the best and most capable cars in the world. Over the decades, when one of these countries was at its car-producing peak, it's made it almost

24 06, 2021

Saving Classics & The Planet – Electric Car Conversions

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As the UK marches towards its goal of a net-zero carbon future, millions of car owners face the prospect of scrapping their cars in favour of new electric vehicles. The production of new diesel and even petrol cars are set to be outlawed in the next decade. The taxes and other charges for driving non-electric cars are rising and will get even more prohibitive in upcoming years. It's easy to say just trade your car in for its eco-friendly electric counterpart, but what happens if you really like your old car? Several companies, such as Electric Classic Cars, have found

18 06, 2021

How To Detail A Classic Car

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Cleaning a vehicle is one of the most tedious parts of car ownership. But it is an integral part of maintaining it and keeping it at its best. How often should you clean your vintage vehicle? How do you maintain it? How can you make sure that the outside looks as good as the day you bought it? Well, we have some answers for you! In this blog post, we will cover all aspects of detailing your classic car so that it stays in pristine condition and always looks like new. Can You Go Through a Car Wash in a

11 06, 2021

What Happened To The Old Diesels?

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Diesel engines have gone through a tumultuous history of ups and downs. In the early 1900s, they were one of the most popular engine types in Europe. But then, with World War II came oil shortages and an economic depression that turned diesel into a dirty word. By the time it seemed like diesel might make a comeback, rising oil prices made petrol-powered cars more appealing than ever to consumers who wanted to save money on fuel costs. This blog post will take you through a brief history of the black fuel. When was the first diesel engine invented? The

5 06, 2021

8 Camper Survival Tips For Summer

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With many locations still on the red list, the majority of summer holidays this year are set to be staycations. Camper van sales and rental businesses are booming as people decide to take a road trip this summer and enjoy the scenic views and nature Britain has to offer.   With camper vanning a new way of life for many, we have put together our top 10 survival tips to ensure you are prepared and can get maximum enjoyment from your travels.   Maintenance   Before embarking on any long journey, essential vehicle maintenance should be undertaken. If you are

22 05, 2021

Tax Exemption: How Classic Is Classic?

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It’s not our first rodeo – we’ve been in this situation asking this same question before!    There are lots of great reasons to own a stunning classic car. The craftsmanship, fun drive and stares as you drive down the road are just some of them.   Another perk of owning a classic car in the UK is that it might be tax and MOT exempt. The DVLA states that (as of 1st April 2020) – if your vehicle is over 40 years old (was built before 1st January 1980), you can apply to the DVSA to be tax-exempt.    So Why

16 05, 2021

Expansion of London’s ULEZ Will Hit Classic Car Community Hard

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From the 25th of October 2021, London's ULEZ will expand to cover most of the capital. Any cars, not ULEZ, will have to pay £12.50 per day to drive their cars within the newly defined ULEZ ones after this date. This could see owners of cars registered from 1982 could have to cough up £650 a year to drive their car just once a week. The extension will now cover the area within the A406 North Circular and A205 South Circular roads. This is a massive blow for owners of many vehicles in London, but classic car owners will feel

8 05, 2021

Classic Car Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

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When it comes to classic cars, they are likely one of the most prized possessions of their passionate owners. Why else would they choose to keep them alive otherwise? Ensuring they are adequately insured is important; while one hopes never to need to claim, protection is vital. What's classed as a classic car? This one can seem confusing, with different rules in different circles. Vehicles over 25 years old used to be classified as tax-exempt as classics. This was altered and changed to vehicles over the age of 40 in 2014. This is because cars became more reliable. MOT exemption

30 04, 2021

Hyundai Paves The Road With The Electrified Pony

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The Hyundai Pony is a car that has long been associated with Korea's automotive industry. It was the first Korean car to be mass-produced and exported, opening many doors for the country's automobile production in general. Now, Hyundai has modernised the original 1975 Pony with an electric powertrain.   Unlike the Renault 5 reboot and reintroduction of the Ami name by Citroën on an EV, the Hyundai Pony Electric car stays true to its roots. The vehicle, which utilises the originals exterior design, has been created for display in Hyundai's recently opened Motorstudio Busan in South Korea.   The electrified

12 04, 2021

Modernised Classic Cars – A New Lease of Life?

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Modernised classic cars are becoming more popular with millennials. The idea behind this is to keep classic cars on the road while also keeping up with modern safety and environmental regulations and technology. Modernised classic cars take advantage of new technology such as electric power trains and power steering. The question is; is this sacrilege or a good way to keep these old designs alive?   Converting classic cars to electric We have reported recently on companies emerging that convert popular classic like the Mini to EV's. The Quest TV show Vintage Voltage also explores this in more depth, televising